The Phillies have not won more than 73 games since 2012 as the organization over the last few years has transitioned from contender to rebuild.  From 2015 to 2016 was an improvement of eight wins; but with the majority of the Phillies future playing in the Minor Leagues, there are not high expectations for the 2017 season.

ESPN Baseball Reporter/Analyst Tim Kurkjian joined Rich Quinones on Friday and gave his perspective on the Phillies rebuild:

"Everyone knows what’s going on, everyone knows that your going to lose some and maybe lose more than some with a bunch of young players on they way up. Which is a whole lot better than losing with a bunch of older players on the way down. So at least they are going the right direction, I think they made a really nice move forward last year with the way they played and you know its tough to do that two years in a row, but I think they're capable of doing it and I think the people in charge there know exactly what their doing.  Everyone in Philly has to stay patient, which we know is not their greatest strength."

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