Heading into play Saturday night the Phillies record stands at 57-66 which projects them to finish the season with 75 wins; that would be a 12 win increase over the 2015 season.  While this has been a rebuilding year for the Phillies, the youth movement has shown promise.

ESPN Senior Baseball Analyst Tim Kurkjian joined Josh Hennig on Friday and talked about why he likes the direction the Phillies' organization is going in:

"I really like the direction the Phillies took this year with their young players. Even though some of them have fallen off a little bit, I think the future is bright there. I think all of the deals they made to move along some of their veteran players who they couldn't use anymore are really going to come back and help them at some point.  I think even though they aren't going to the playoffs this year, it is a really big step forward for the Phillies. Things are going to be good there, probably by 2018. I think there is hope there. That is really all teams look for when you are not in contention.”

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