Laura aka “Lolly” aka “Malibu Barbie Dolly” is a 22-year-old webcam model from London, England (even though her Tumblr says, “Blonde Bubble Land”) whose claim to fame is being UK’s Most Faked Girl on the Internet.

As silly as that might sound, there’s a reason why she’s the most faked, her combination of cartoon-like hotness with overwhelming sex appeal and non-stop party mentality are desirable and enviable. The Chive described her as a real life barbie doll, but that pales in comparison to how she describes herself – she’s a fountain of unforgettable quotes:

…a bubbly blondeeeee little thing with big boobies.

Naughty but nice fits me right.

My favorite place to be is in my bedroom normally testing out my camera dressing up in naughties and plumping up my ‘Blowie’ lips as people call them taking sexy snaps of myself, totally geeking out.

Blowie lips. That’s flat out awesome. In addition to being copied more than a Wikipedia entry, she’s an Elite TV Presenter and Brooke Lee Playmate.

Age: 22 | Location: London, England | Ht: 5′ 4″ | Wt: 100 lbs. | Bust: 32F

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