Alright, Galloway, it's time to get those leftover fall leaves to the curb. The township's coming for them quicker than you think.

I saw this post circulating around on Facebook regarding the April leaf collection schedule that's currently underway in Galloway and knew I should share it. Best shared before people complain about the township not coming, don't you think? Regardless of whether or not residents say they were made aware, consider this your heads-up.

Most municipalities usually come around twice a year to collect leaves, once in the fall and once in the spring. In Galloway Township, the spring collections will be going on through the entire month of April. That makes sense, though, considering the township itself is so big.

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We have to shout-out the local resident who shared the schedule to a local Galloway-based Facebook group in an effort to make everybody aware of when they can expect the township to come. As you can see from the schedule, leaf collection commences on April 10th and will continue throughout the month. Collections are expected to wrap on the last Friday of the month, April 28th.

Now, when you can expect your leaves to be picked up depends on the neighborhood in which you reside. For example, yours might be getting picked up as soon as this week if you live on the northwest and southwest sides of the township. The sides closest to Egg Harbor City, Mays Landing, and Egg Harbor Township will be the first sections the township collects. From there, they're expected to go east.

Check out the map and projected pick-up days for your neighborhood below.

Paul Gras III via Facebook
Paul Gras III via Facebook

You can also check it out on Galloway's municipal website HERE.

If you haven't gathered all your leaves left over from the fall, you're running out of time. Get it done, because they'll be collecting them before the month is over!

A quick note: the pick-up is for leaves ONLY. Do not include grass cuttings or other lawn debris. Also, if using bags, make sure that they're biodegradable. That information can be found HERE.

Source: Facebook,

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