Another LeBron to Philly rumor has popped up, and they are not going away.

Sure, King James hit a game-winning three-point shot to defeat the Pacers in a pivotal game 5, but the whispers of him leaving his home-town team are growing louder and louder.

Here is the latest rumor from Marc Stein of The New York Times in his newsletter:

I now fully understand why whispers about the Philadelphia 76ers and their growing behind-the-scenes confidence that they can woo LeBron to Philly this summer are getting louder.

We all know James and current Sixer Ben Simmons share the same agent, Rich Paul, and are close.

For those of you to listen to the show, you know I have been saying for two years that LeBron to Sixers was a very good possibility and my reasons were the Sixers have the young talent in the eastern conference to attract an older James.

James can look to the Sixers as a team that can both extend his career and continue to give him championship level teams, without having to carry a team all-by-himself.

So Sixers fans, would you like to see LeBron in Philly?

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