Ben Simmons has played exceptionally well in the first games of his NBA career.  Through four games, Simmons is averaging 17 Points, 10.8 Rebounds, and Seven Assists per game while showcasing high basketball IQ on the court.  Ben Simmons is the first player since Shaquille O'Neal to record a double-double in each of his first 4 career games and the only other players in NBA history who had a triple-doubles in their first four games were Oscar Robertson and Hambone Williams.

ESPN NBA Analyst Tim Legler joined Mike Gill on Wednesday and gave his perspective on Ben Simmons through the first four games of his NBA career:

“He is a unique weapon and talent and a very short list of guys in the history of this league that have had the combination of size, speed, handle, (and) vision that Ben Simmons has.  Very, very short list of guys – LeBron James and Magic Johnson are really the only two that come to mind that have that combination in one body…. One of the things he has going for him even though he’s not a great shooter, he’s not looking to shoot outside the lane, the fact that people are going underneath screens (to guard him) at 18-15 feet (from the basket) he is so long…and quick that by the time that defender comes under that screen Ben Simmons is taking one long stride by him and he’s at the rim anyway.  That’s very hard to do….(Ben Simmons) is going to need to add an ability to make shots from 15 to 18 feet, and maybe even beyond, to really fulfill that feeling of a ‘transcendent superstar’ and we will see as time goes on as teams adjust to him if that starts to effect him.  But right now he’s had great success early without having to make jump shots.”

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