On the day he became the best running back in the history of the Eagles franchise, running back LeSean McCoy said he had one of his worst days, and "wasn't focused".

“No, the record wasn’t on my mind at all. Just didn’t focus today, wasn’t there. But I wasn’t really thinking about the record at all really,” McCoy admitted after the game.

McCoy entered the game needing just 48 yards to become the Eagles all-time leading rusher, rushed for 50 yards in Sunday's 24-14 loss to the Seahawks, upping his career total to 6,541, surpassing Wilbert Montgomery’s franchise record of 6,538 yards.

“It means a lot,” McCoy said after the game. “It is something special. I just wish we could have been in a different situation, us winning, me not having a terrible game. It’s obviously a great accomplishment but it’s hard to really enjoy it on a day like this.”

While its been an up-and-down type of season for McCoy, there is no denying that he is now the best running back in the history of the franchise.  His style of running has been compared to Barry Sanders, he consistently makes plays when it looks like there's nothing there, bouncing in-and-out of holes, hitting the corner to make something out of nothing.

Wilbert Montgomery played for the Eagles from 1977 to 1984, he was a sixth round pick from Abilene Christian and was a two-time all-pro.  His 1,512 yards was the single season rushing record until McCoy passed him last season.

Next on the list is Brian Westbrook, with 5995 yards, a third-round pick from Villanova in the 2002 draft.  Westbrook was also a very accomplished pass catcher, much like McCoy and Montgomery.

While the Eagles lost the game today, they crowned an new all-time leading rusher and they are going to need him if they are going to upset the Packers or Seahawks in a playoff game.



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