Shady, we have a problem.

Speaking to Philadelphia reporters on a conference all on Wednesday, Bills running back LeSean McCoy didn't want to let bygones be bygones.

Instead, McCoy decided to double down on his feelings towards Chip Kelly like this:

"We're not shaking no hands. What would we shake hands for?" I don't see why we would be doing that," he told the media.

Earlier in the day on Wednesday, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly spoke to reporters in a news conference and said "I'd love to shake his hand."

It's obvious that the working relationship did not end all that well between Kelly and McCoy, Kelly who is also the GM of the team implied that today when discussing how the trade was leaked to the public.

McCoy was traded to the Bills in the off season in exchange for former AFC Defensive Rookie of the Year Kiko Alonso. The inside linebacker has missed multiple games this season due to a knee injury he suffered in Week 2 against the Cowboys.

McCoy went on to tell reporters that Kelly won't be shaking "sh*t" on Sunday before, during or after the game. McCoy admitted that he spoke to Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie after the trade to Buffalo, but would not divulge what that conversation was about.

So while McCoy has refused to back down from his comments about Kelly in the offseason claiming that he got rid of all the "good players, all the good black players," he tried hard to say some things about the coach without actually saying those things.

The Eagles media asked McCoy to compare his new coach in Rex Ryan to his old coach in Kelly and how those two are different about approaching a roster filled with grown men.

"Rex is way different from Chip, he is more worried about playing football. The way you wear your hat ... that doesn't matter to him," McCoy said.

McCoy also commented on the expected reception he'll receive in Philadelphia and said he's "cool with however it goes."