It’s remarkable how the presence of pictures of hot women can turn the most mundane activities into the scientific phenomenon known as “BOING!” We stumbled upon Lookbook Cookbook, which somehow turned us into devotees of the vegan arts by tricking us with pictures of beautiful girls.

The site ingeniously posts links to recipes accompanying giant pictures of gorgeous models enjoying the fruits of their labors. The insinuation is that if we indulged in these types of non-’Hungry Man’ eats, and perhaps even learn how to make them, that women who look like these ladies will chomp into our revolting soy dishes with lustful longing.

This is all pure fantasy, of course, because as our life experiences have proven, nothing drives a girl crazy like a McDonald’s No. 1 value meal. By “girl” we mean “the elderly crack addict on the corner who gives us a toothless smile when we give her our leftovers.” Dorothy needs loving too. A shower and clean underwear wouldn’t hurt either.

[Via Lookbook Cookbook]