Robert Covington is in his fourth season with the Sixers and has developed into one of the most valuable players on the team's roster outside of their star players.  Covington through 13 games is shooting 50 percent from Three-Point Range this season after he was fourth in the NBA in Steals Per Game (1.9) last year and led the 76ers in Defensive Win Shares (3.2) in the 2016-17 season while finishing fourth in the NBA Defensive Player of the Year voting.

Former 76ers Head Coach and current Sixers Pre/Post Game Analyst for NBC Sports Philadelphia Jim Lynam joined The Sports Bash on Tuesday discussing his observations of Robert Covington's development:

“(Covington) is one of the most underrated players – What got him into the league, initially, was his ability to shoot the ball; you don’t have to be a basketball expert but the first time I went down on the court and watch him shoot the ball I was like ‘Wow!’  How anybody could let this guy leave their building…but it was evident you expected him to make every single shot, that’s how pure his shooting stroke was.  (The Sixers) started working on trying to develop him as an all-around player and I think that over two years they were very successful doing that….This guy is one of the top three-point shooters in (the NBA) and his all-around play has developed to the point that he is one of the top Small Forwards and he will get paid like one and hopefully will be by the Sixers.”

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