Rookie fourth-round pick, Mack Hollins is making the staff of the Philadelphia Eagles ponder their handling of the wide receiver position.

Last week, the team sent former second-rounder Jordan Matthews to Buffalo, clearing the way for more playing time and almost assuring his chances of making the 53-man roster.

In the teams first preseason game against Green Bay, Hollins hauled in four catches for 64 yards and an impressive 38-yard  touchdown.

"One thing you see from Mack, he's a hands catcher," Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said after the teams first preseason game. "Catches the ball out in front of his body. Then after that, it was just a great, physical run. He had the nice stiff arm to get in the end zone. That's good to see from a young player first game out."

Realistically, Hollins might have a chance to supplant a guy like Nelson Agholor if he struggles replacing Matthews in the slot receiver role.

"Yeah, I think so," Pederson said about Hollins possible role in the offense. "We'll continue to develop him and work him in multiple spots. One thing about Mack is he's a smart guy. He picks up the offense well and he understands coverage and leverage and things like that."

"Again, it gives us time to really kind of focus in on some of these young players who we're excited about and get them ready to play as well."

So with the trade of Matthews, Agholor will get the first chance to take those reps, but where do the Eagles see Hollins fitting in?

"So he's a big strong guy who can play in the slot, he can play outside," Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich said.

"He has versatility. He's a smart guy. He can play all the positions, and when you're not one of the top two guys, you really need to be able to play all the positions. That helps him. That helps him that we trust him. And in a game, when you have to go in in a pinch or when you have certain plays, you have to trust and believe in that guy. And I think Mack has shown that in the preseason that the quarterbacks trust him."

Hollins will get another chance this coming Thursday night, in game three of the preseason versus the Miami Dolphins.

“Just keep fighting to get better,” Reich said.

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