Just 23 games into his Rookie season, Joel Embiid has shown an impressive shooting touch with a 38.6 three-point shooting percentage and Free Throw Shooting Percentage of 77%.  His outside-to-inside game is a unique contrast compared to the styles of play the NBA has seen from the Center position over the last couple decades.  Some believe Embiid's style of play is the next stage of evolution in the NBA.

Chris Mannix of NBC Sports Radio and The Vertical joined Mike Gill on Thursday and discussed the progression of Embiid's game in his rookie season:

"I don't know if it's rust necessarily that has to be knocked off, but I do think as is the case with any, technically, first year player as Embiid is, there's room for growth.  I've had the opportunity to watch him in practice a few times over the course of this season....Embiid is shooting a great percentage from three-point range but it's not like he is shooting staggering numbers.  I think he's going to continue to evolve and become a more prolific three-point shooter as the season goes on.  I think you're going to see him more off the dribble offensively too as the season progresses.  So I think the rust is largely gone but I think the evolution of his game really is just kind of beginning."

Hear what Mannix had to say about who he thinks would be the best pairing on the floor with Embiid along with his analysis of Ersan Ilyasova, the future of the 76ers, the James Harden Rockets as contenders and Demarcus Cousins' future in Sacramento

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