You want to know who Michael Young is and how much he could mean to this year's Phillies team? Just ask the Texas Rangers. Young's locker in Texas continues to stay empty even today out of respect for all he did while he was with the organization and the impact he left in that clubhouse.

After getting off to a slow start, Young has begun to quiet his critics who questioned his age, his ability to sustain his .300 career batting average and his possible defensive liability for the Phils at third. He's answered those questions, going 7 for 9 at the plate in his last 2 games with a triple and home run, his batting average though eight games this season currently stands at .345, and he looks more comfortable and confident at third base as each game passes.

Fans and media will continue to scrutinize Young's production on the field, but what has never been questioned is his leadership, his professionalism, and his love for the game. These qualities are the ones that could very well make the difference between a good Phillies team and a World Series contending team this year.

Young is a teacher to other players simply by the example he sets, he never gets too high or too low, he understands the roller coaster of a 162 game season. There's a quiet confidence that exudes from him that isn't necessarily spoken by his teammates, it's just understood. Michael Young could be the critical piece this team needs to make another run at greatness this year, but it may not be his production on the field that turns out to be his biggest asset.