For any business, being known as a trustworthy entity is the highest praise. Whether you are a restaurant or furniture store, your reputation is just as important as the quality of the product you are offering to consumers.

A new study by Clarify Capital and published by Chain Storage Age surveyed thousands of Americans to find out what brands consumers trust the most. They asked people what major brand names in different industries they most and least trust from retail to restaurants.

According to the survey, the most popular responses for what makes a brand trustworthy include:

*Delivers on promises (36 percent of respondents)
*Pricing transparency (35%)
*Builds relationships with consumers (34%)
*Consistent performance (33%)
*Employee treatment transparency (30%)

Most Untrustworthy Restaurant Chain In New Jersey

In the Restaurants category of their study, one restaurant brand failed to meet many of the respondents' prerequisites for trustworthiness.  This restaurant chain currently has 15 locations in the state of New Jersey.

Survey results found that 20 percent of Americans said Panera Bread is the Most Untrustworthy Restaurant Brand in the United States. There are many reviews online that complain about Panera Bread's prices and that the quality of food is not on par with the price tag.

On TripAdvisor, Panera Bread in Wayne, New Jersey is described as "Just Plain Bad" but another review said "Improvements Noted". Meanwhile on Yelp, a Panera Bread in Voorhees Township had their food described as "Mediocre and Expensive".

Survey says the most Trustworthy Restaurant Brands by Americans are:

1. Pizza Hut
2. KFC
3. McDonald’s

Speaking of restaurants you may want to avoid, here are some New Jersey eating establishments that you will want to stay away from the next time you go out to eat:

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Gallery Credit: Matt Ryan

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