Ever since the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC) was established with the legalization of Adult-Use Marijuana usage in the state, there has been a slow rollout for Cannabis Dispensaries in South Jersey.  A new retail business has passed a major hurdle to open in Cape May County, to serve an area that is currently without any retail sales of marijuana.

At the January Woodbine Planning Board meeting, they approved a variance for Seaweed Land LLC to open their retail outlet inside the former bookbinding factory that is located inside the Woodbine Municipal Airport Complex.  The plan is to modernize the old building that will need to be repurposed to have a fully operational Cannabis Dispensary.  With a private business taking over the old building allows the City of Woodbine to no longer be responsible for property maintenance and upgrades to the building that needs serious repairs.

Inside woodbine municipal airport in Cape May County, New Jersey
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The 44,000-square-foot building is located inside the airport zone, which means the property is already permitted under state law for the operation of a retail outlet for Adult-Use Marijuana Sales.  Seaweed Land LLC, owned by Chris Glancy, plans to establish a Cannabis Facility that will grow, cultivate, process, and have retail sales all on location.

The next step for Seaweed Land LLC is to apply for the annual Cannabis Regulatory Commission license and to present to the Woodbine Planning Board a site plan for signage, traffic plans, and stormwater drainage.  The new Cannabis Retail Business must also comply with the New Jersey Pinelands Regulations before opening the retail outlet.  No Grand Opening Date has been announced yet for Chris Glancey's new business.

Cannabis Greenhouse at Retail Marijuana Facility
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One of the only Adult-Use Marijuana Retail Stores in Cape May County is Shore House Canna on Sunset Boulevard in West Cape May.  For Cape May County Adults looking to legally purchase Cannabis, this is a 20-40 minute drive one way for many who live in the Southernmost County in New Jersey.  The new Woodbine business would service the northern section of Cape May County and not require customers to drive all the way south or travel to Atlantic County to purchase cannabis.

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