I have said before I like a cheesesteak from South Jersey better than a Philly cheesesteak.  While it might be an unpopular opinion, it's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

NJ.com food writer Peter Genovese and his team do a great job at ranking the best food items in New Jersey.  Last year they ranked the 30 best cheesesteaks in the state, with the list expanding to the 39 best cheesesteaks in New Jersey for 2024.

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Overall, seven spots from Atlantic and Cape May counties made this year's list. Last year South Jersey had eight spots on the list, but Voltaco's closed to bring the number down to seven.

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Coming in at No.36 is Pete’s Subs & Deli at 501 Zion Rd in Egg Harbor Township. Pete's location is bigger, has more room, and is set up perfectly for takeout as well.

Several former employees of legendary White House Subs work at Pete’s, which opened Labor Day weekend, 2016.


Next up, coming in at No. 35 on the list was Sack O' Subs which has multiple locations in which has multiple locations around the area including Absecon, EHT, Ocean City, inside Bally's casino in Atlantic City, and its Ventnor location, which is now open in after a recent fire.

Sack O’ Subs founder Anthony Sacco was one of the original owners of the White House Sub Shop in Atlantic City. The original Sack O’Subs opened in Ventnor in 1969; there are also locations in Egg Harbor Township, Absecon, Ocean City and Atlantic City.


At No. 32 is Ernest and Sons located at 305 W Brigantine Ave, and was featured on the popular TV show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives in 2017.

You know a place takes cheesesteaks and steak sandwiches seriously when they offer N.Y. strip and prime rib cheesesteaks in addition to the chopped rib-eye variety. All are available at Ernest and Son.

If you are in Brigantine, a cheesesteak at Ernest and Sons is something you must try, for my money, this is too low on the list and is one of my favorite spots on the list.

The famous White House in Atlantic City at 2301 Arctic Ave. is next on the list at No. 30.

Love it or hate it, White House Sub Shop is an essential Jersey experience. Elvis, the Beatles, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and thousands of other sub and cheesesteak-craving celebs have eaten here over the years; check out the photos on the wall. But make sure to take a ticket, at the back of the shop, first.

I have had plenty of cheesesteaks (usually with mixed cheese) sitting at the counter at the White House, and will likely be back for plenty more.

The one spot on this list I have not had a cheesesteak from is Russo's Market in North Wildwood.

Russo’s, around for 40-plus years, is the go-to spot for towels, flip-flops, suntan lotion, sunglasses and other beach essentials. Oh, and killer sandwiches. Get a 22-inch cheesesteak if you haven’t eaten all summer. It’s cash only.

I did have an Italian from here during the high school football season which was outstanding, so I can't wait to try their cheesesteak, which came in at No. 25 on the list.

One of my favorite spots comes in at No. 20, Sugar Hill Sub Shop in Mays Landing.

There are regular cheesesteaks on the menu, and then there is the Gut Buster. Steak, onions, mushrooms, pepper shooters, pepperoni, mozzarella and hot pepper cheese add up to a dangerously delicious steak.


This spot has been at 5445 Route 559, Mays Landing since 1982 and has become my must-stop place on my way out to Mays Landing or on my way out to the Cumberland county area.

Finally, the highest-ranked cheesesteak in the area at No. 9 is in Atlantic City at Tony Boloney’s, 300 Oriental Ave.

No one pushes the cheesesteak envelope quite like Tony Boloney’s. Purists will recoil in horror at the genre-bending steaks at this pizzeria/sandwich shop, but purists miss all the fun in life anyway.


What are some of the cheesesteak shops that they may have missed?

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