Depending on who you ask, New Jersey is well-known for many things from the great Beach Towns and plethora of State Parks to the Garden State's High Cost of Living and seemingly never-ending highway construction.

But are New Jersey residents competitive? Well, the website Solitaire Bliss conducted a survey to find out what Americans are most competitive about and their research found out that certain areas of the country are much more intense than others.

The results of their survey showed that 65% of Americans are competitive when driving and 35% showcase a high level of competition during casual recreational activities.

How Competitive are New Jersey Residents?

"Survey says" that people from New Jersey are the most competitive citizens in the United States with an overall score of 81.28 out of 100 scoring system, which places the Garden State residents ahead of states like Virginia (72.58), Connecticut (70.67), Iowa (69.72), and Nebraska (69.35).

The neighboring state of Pennsylvania was 13th most competitive state (65) while New York is actually the 12th most laid-back state (59.40).

Research shows that 34.67% of New Jersey residents are competitive at work and 77.17% of people from the Garden State admit to being competitive while driving. Yes, I get a thrill out of arriving at my destination a couple minutes ahead of what the ETA says on Waze or Google Maps, but I am not one of the 61% of Americans who speed up to prevent another vehicle from merging.

While one out of six Americans admit to buying Luxury Items to impress their friends, family, and neighbors, 31.33% of people from New Jersey are competitive with others about their financial status.

People from New York are just as competitive about their finances (32.67%) but Pennsylvania residents are 24th in these rankings with only 23.33% admitting to being competitive in this category.

Considering that New Jersey is also home of the Top Ten Unhappiest Employees in the United States, maybe everyone just needs a "Vacation From Their Problems" as Bill Murray's character would say in the movie What About Bob.

Speaking of being competitive about finances, one measure of luxury is those with money who purchase expensive properties.  Here are the New Jersey towns with the most expensive properties in the state:

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