Do you plan on watching the Super Bowl XLVI on Sunday?  If so, you certainly aren’t alone.  A new Monmouth University Poll shows the majority of New Jerseyans plan to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. 

Sixty percent of those polled said they will watch the game closely on Sunday.  Twenty-three percent said that while they plan to have the game on, they will not be keeping an eye on every play.  Men are more likely than women to pay attention to each move.  Seventeen percent of New Jerseyans said they don’t plan on watching the game at all.

Not suprisingly, a majority of New Jerseyans will be rooting for the New York Giants.  Fifty-three percent of those polled said they will pull for the Giants.  Only eight percent plan to root for the New England Patriots.  Nearly a quarter said they don’t care who wins the big game. 

Residents in North Jersey will be rooting for the Giants, than those in South Jersey.  Only 31% percent of residents from South Jersey will be pulling for the Giants.  In North and Central New Jersey, 59% said they are hoping the Giants come out ahead.  Fans of the Jets will be cheering on their stadium-mates, with 79% rooting for the Giants. 

“In a state with divided loyalties, it’s no surprise that there are some regional differences,” said Poll Director Patrick Murray.

But Philadelphia Eagles fans are split.  Thirty-six percent want their NFC division rivals to triumph while 21% back the AFC champs. 

The Monmouth University Poll was conducted by telephone with 602 New Jersey adults from January 31 to February 2, 2012.