If you think it would be great to live in Ocean City, New Jersey, you are not alone!

A website, StudyFinds.org did a story and found that Ocean City is one of the "Best Places to Live" in New Jersey.

What do you like best about Ocean City - is it the boardwalk, the beach, or the ocean?

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The website actually came up with the 5 best places to live in New Jersey: Princeton, Jersey City, Ridgewood, Ocean City, and Newark. The site states that "Thanks to its many safe cities and towns, New Jersey is a great place to raise a family."

About Ocean City in particular, StudyFinds says it's a great place to get away from busy cities and enjoy "the slower pace of a cozy beach town."

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The website goes on to say that part of Ocean City's lure is that it's a family town with a pleasant climate and many outside activities. Also mentioned was the fact that Ocean City is "dry", meaning you can't buy alcohol in stores or restaurants.

Really, the website tells us what we already know" Locals and vacations alike are drawn to Ocean City because it truly is a "Best Place to LIve" - even if it's just one week at a time!

SOURCE: StudyFinds.org

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