Looks like just figured out something we already know to be true: There's a pretty excellent doughnut shop at the Jersey Shore totally worthy of national attention.

Feast and Field, a website that offers readers and up-close look at food as well as approachable recipes, is directing doughnut-lovers to a place that bakes up traditional-styles as deliciously as they bake out-of-the-box flavors.

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Like a perfect powdered or old-fashion? Crave something more posh like a lemon-glazed poppy seed, maple bacon, or S'mores? Feat and Field recommends setting your GSP for one of Drip N' Scoop's many locations.

Drip N Scoop/Facebook
Drip N Scoop/Facebook

Drip N' Scoop made the site's list of the Top 25 Donut Shops in the U.S.

Feast and Field labels Drip N' Scoop a 'local gem', and that's right on the money. When that doughnut craving hits, it's definitely worth giving in to there.

But, going into a Drip N' Scoop JUST for a doughnut? Rarely! It's also a coffee and dairy bar. You betcha you'll want to grab an iced coffee or even waffles and ice cream, too.

Drip N' Scoop now has four locations at the Jersey Shore, with Somers Point joining the family just last fall. You'll find two of them in Ocean City and another in Atlantic City.

Congratulations, Drip N' Scoop! By the way, how do YOU spell doughnuts? DOUGHNUTS or DONUTS? Lol.

P.S. Philly's Federal Donuts also made the Top 25!

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