Mike Gill and Matt Segal are on breaking down the latest Eagles loss to the Arizona Cardinals. Mike Gill continues to see Nick Foles as just an average quarterback who has his moments, but is holding this team back in the end. Matt Segal continues to have patience with him, but knows that the turnovers can't continue. Some of the play calling from Chip Kelly was also questionable as well.

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Barrett Brooks

Appearing with Mike Gill and Matt Segal every Monday at 3:05 to go over the latest Eagles game. The Cardinals beat the Eagles 24-20 yesterday and there is a lot of blame to go around. Nick Foles had two costly turnovers, Josh Huff adding another. The defense gave up a late 3-point lead with the 75-yard touchdown to John Brown. Chip Kelly also did not have his best day of play calling in the redzone, especially. Barrett Brooks breaks it all down right here. Follow Brooks on Twitter.

Geoff Mosher

CSN Philly and CSNPhilly.com on with Mike Gill to recap the Eagles loss to the Cardinals. Mosher said that throwing 62 times yesterday was very 'Andy Reid' -- esque and when you do that interceptions like the one involving Riley Cooper are going to happen. Mosher also says that on Nick Foles, he goes from Joe Montana to Derek Anderson and doesn't see it changing. What's going to change it?