Mike Gill and Matt Segal begin the day talking about the Eagles QB situation and whether or not Nick Foles is holding this team back. Mike Gill seems to think so, he can make the throws at times, but can't do it consistently. Matt Segal wants to give Foles the year and let things all play out before writing him off. Are you willing to give Foles the rest of the season no matter him improving his play or not?

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Jimmy Kempski covering the Eagles. Kempski said that the Eagles are really fortunate to be 5-2 at this point with how the team has played. Kempski read the tealeaves from Chip Kelly's press conference yesterday and said that that was his way of supporting Nick Foles because there's not much else he can say. Kempski still believes that Foles will have the rest of the season to prove his worth and how he performs in the playoff hunt will impact his future. Kempski also updates us on the injuries of Darren Sproles and Jason Kelce. Follow Kempski on Twitter.

Mike Sielski

Wrote a column on Eagles QB Nick Foles. They are 5-2 and could be 7-0 if Nick Foles played as well as he could play. He doesn't have to be 27 TD and 2 INT type QB, but they need him to better. Sielski really doesn't have an explanation for why he's struggled this season, there are multiple theories you can mention. With the exception of the Redskins game, Foles is not stepping into his throws consistently.

Scott O'Neil

Sixers CEO Scott O'Neil on with Mike and Matt to preview the season and take a look at the state of the Sixers. The team has made major improvements for the in-game experience this season including a new, 3D hardwood experience. Their plan and process has not changed. They want to bring a championship to Philadelphia and the best way to do that is through the draft.

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