Mike Gill and Matt Segal talk about a brutal, 53-20 loss in Green Bay against the Packers. It was out of hand from the very beginning. The defense had no chance against Aaron Rodgers and Mark Sanchez didn't keep up his end of things with this game being pegged as a shootout. With the loss yesterday, are the Eagles still contenders? Should we just throw this game in the trash? Gill and Segal break it all down right here.

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Barrett Brooks

On for a Barrett Brooks Breakdown. Brooks came on and said that judging from yesterdays performance, the Eagles arent as bad as they were yesterday, yet they arent as good as they were against Carolina on Monday night. Brooks also gets into the usage of Darren Sproles and LeSean McCoy and why the running game hasn't taken off. Follow Brooks on Twitter.

Scott Grayson

Our Eagles insider Scott Grayson breaks down what he saw from yesterday against the Packers.

Geoff Mosher

On for a Mosher Monday here. Mosher talked about what he saw from Billy Davis and his defensive scheme. He stuck to his script early on about defending the Packers offense and that led to things getting out of hand. Mosher also talked about Sanchez and the things that he did to no stay in the game and have things spiral out of control. Can the Eagles beat Dallas twice? Will they miss out on the playoffs if they don't win the division? Mosh breaks it all down here.

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