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Here is today’s show: Friday April 25th, 2014

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Anthony SanFilippo

Covering the Flyers for their website and was on LIVE with us at Wells Fargo Center this week talked about Game 4. San Filip said that the 28 blocked shots in Game 3 is very rare to have in a game, but the Flyers did actually take 80 shots on net, in 60 minutes. That tells you that the Flyers really controlled the puck and thats Craig Berube's system. The game plan on Giroux is one the main reasons the Rangers are up in this series and they have to find a way around that. It's like a chess game or poker game where the Flyers need to bluff and trick the Rangers, like a cat and mouse and game. If they do that then they will get more shots, where more rebounds will be created. Follow Ant on Twitter.

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5 Questions

1. LeBron James coming out swinging?

2. 49ers and Aldon Smith?

3. Are we piling on Frank Vogel here?

4. Are you OK with James Harden calling a reporter a 'weirdo?'

5. Brandon Phillips scaring a kid?