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Here is today’s show: Monday April 21st 2014

Voice of the Flyers, will be calling Game 3 action from Wells Fargo Center as the Flyers look to pull ahead in this series 2-1. Jackson talked about Claude Giroux and his lack of shot taking: "It'd be easy for Giroux to just skate up the ice and take a shot on goal to get everyone of his back, but that's not his style." Jackson also said that he'd be surprised to see Steve Mason play in Game 4 on Friday night no matter what happens. It would be more than 2 weeks since Mason last played a game at that point. Flyers vs. Rangers tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

Our Flyers insider at practice today where he saw that Mason is close to being ready, but not as close as he may look. If Mason was healthy, Isaac believes that they could ride out a hot goalie. But if Emery loses Game 3, it's an easy decision to start Mason in Game 4 on Friday if he's healthy. Isaac also isnt surprised with how things have gone involving Emery, calling it a 'typical Ray Emery storyline.' Follow Isaac on Twitter.

Another Flyers broadcaster who will call Game 3 tomorrow night is Bill Clement. He called in to talk with Mike Gill about what he saw in Game 2 and the difference between the Flyers "team game" they displayed yesterday as opposed to Game 1 last week. Billy said that Emery figured out what the Rangers strategy was, the cross ice, seam type passes from post to post. It's not going to get past Emery anymore and the Rangers will have to go back to the drawing board. 

It's a Monday edition of top tweets!

Former Rangers captain and Stanley Cup winner in 1979, Dave Maloney, joined us to talk about this series. Maloney talked about the history of the Rangers franchise and their inability to win Game 2's, it's been 7 consecutive losses for them. The Giroux line was pretty good yesterday despite G not registering a shot yet. Maloney still thinks that Mason is the man in net for the Flyers when healthy, he's the better option for the Flyers. Dave Maloney is a commentator for MSG Networks.

1. Why cant you celebrate in baseball, the way you do other sports?

2. Who's at fault?

3. Should Gerrit Cole receive a lengthy suspension?

4. Do you have a problem with Evan Mathis trolling Domo?

5. Bernard Hopkins won yet another fight over the weekend. 49 years old and counting. Hes now 55-6-2. He's only lost one fight since 2008. Remarkable. How much longer can he go, where does this rank on the ageless wonders list?

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