Scott Wright

Some NFL Draft talk with our expert Scott Wright from Draft Countdown. Jameis Winston declared for the NFL Draft today and Wright called Winston the better player when compared to Marcus Mariota. Without the off the field concerns, Winston would have been the third best prospect he's ever graded behind only Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. Wright also does not see any way that the Eagles trade up from the 20th selection to draft one of them. Wright also details the other top heavy positions in this draft, including WR and some secondary players. Follow Wright on Twitter.

Phil Sheridan NFL Nation on here to talk about his thoughts on the Eagles power shift from Howie Roseman going to the salary cap side of things and Chip Kelly taking over on all personnel matters. Sheridan believes that it was a power play due to the firing of Tom Gamble and he made it clear that he was willing to go elsewhere. Is this just a band aid type move? Sheridan said that will be interesting to watch next season depending on how the team performs. Follow the scribe on Twitter.

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