Liberty Ballers’ Derek Bodner joined Mike Gill on the “Sports Bash” Thursday afternoon to discuss the progress of Nerlens Noel in the Orlando Pro Summer League. Bodner says that he is impressed with Noel thus far.

“He’s exceeded all my expectations,’ said Bodner. “I’ve been very high on Nerlens last year at the time of the draft, but I think he’s exceeded all expectations. I think he did a better job last night keeping himself in rebounding position rather than going for every block shot he could and he still ended up with five blocks in 25 minutes so that’s kind of the defensive force that he can be. So far in the Summer League he’s been an absolute menace on the defensive end.”

Bodner’s website at Liberty Ballers has the Sixers and the Rockets agreeing to a Jeremy Lin trade. Bodner expanded on that.

“I think obviously it’s contingent on Houston signing a max player most notably Chris Bosh and right now there has been a lot that has come up since this morning basically,” Bodner said. “The cap came in about $135,000 less than it was projected and that kind of put into question the Omer Asik trade with New Orleans, because they(New Orleans) now don’t have the cap room to absorb that contract. Chandler Parsons coming to agreement with Dallas will now speed up Houston’s decision making, because they have three days to match that.

“Those two things are holding up a Jeremy Lin trade along with LeBron James’ decision and how that impact Chris Bosh.”

When asked about the rumored Amar’e Stoudemire to the Sixers deal, Bodner said: “I would be very surprised if that happened.”

Ky Carlin contributed to this report.