VOORHEES — After a weekend off, Monday’s Flyers practice was meant to set the tempo for the week.

There was skating, battle drills, skating, situational drills.

And more skating.

The Flyers were pushed so hard that at one point, when Max Talbot was crashing the net on a drill, a defending Zac Rinaldo threw him right into goalie Steve Mason. The 25-year-old netminder, who has started six of the team’s eight games, was knocked on his rear end inside the net.

“These practices are getting intense,” Mason said with a laugh.

He was only half kidding. It’s not the first time the Flyers have sent another player into their own goalie.

“We want to make sure we’re clearing our net, but not on our goalie,” coach Craig Berube said. “I’m not sure that’s a good move. That’s not something anybody should be doing.”

It’s already happened half a dozen times this season to Mason, who has been the Flyers’ best performer so far in the young season.

“He’s been excellent,” Berube said. “He’s given us a chance to win every game, in my opinion. He’s played really well, and I really like his game. He looks big. He looks confident, and he’s moving the puck great, too, which really helps out.”