Who doesn't love a good meatball?

It's a great side dish or comfort food option and can be served at any type of gathering where there will be a good amount of people.

The meatball is also very versatile, virtually everyone likes them and they can be served with or without bread.

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While the meatball has Italian origins, it is definitely a favorite of people in the United States.

In Celebration of National Meatball Day, which was on Saturday March 9, NJ.com posted a list with the 25 best meatballs in New Jersey.

From trendy spots to classic joints that have been dishing out the meatballs in the Garden State for years, the guys looked up and down the state for the best meatballs.

The lone representative from our listening area (Atlantic, Cape May and Cumberland county) landed at No. 24 on the list for the second consecutive year.

Who has the best meatballs in South Jersey?

Spiaggetta Restaurant in Stone Harbor per writer Peter Genovese.

Spiaggetta features “classic Italian and Roman cuisine.” What’s Roman cuisine? Well, from Rome, obviously; standards include artichokes, cacio e pepe (pasta with pecorino romano cheese and black pepper); and pizza al taglio (oblong-shaped pizza cut with a knife or scissors). The pork, veal and beef meatballs, each the size of Delaware and topped with fresh mozzarella, pesto, bechamel sauce and marinara, are highly recommended.

Located at 9800 3rd Ave, in Stone Harbor, Spiaggetta is now open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday's during the spring.

The ratings for Spiaggetta is solid across the board with anywhere from 4.4 stars to 4.7 stars from popular rating sites.

Congratulations to Spiaggetta on this recognition for the second year in a row. It's always great to see South Jersey businesses get the recognition they deserve. Here's to many more generations of their meatballa satisfying the pallets of people from the area and people who come down the shore to vacation.

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Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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