Former Eagles center Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie were going to to dinner at Steve & Cookies in Margate this Memorial Day weekend when they were approached for a picture.

The couple tried to park their car when the shenanigans began as explained by Hugh E. Dillon at PhillyChitChat.

As they headed pulled into the parking lot, they needed to wait for a spot to open, as is always the case when you eat there, but turnover is fairly quick about 10 minutes. As Jason’s famous car idled there, a women walked up to the famous Tesla truck and began banging on it to get Jason’s attention. K&J got out to find out what was going on. The women then asked for a photo with her family.

The couple declined the photo and that's when a woman essentially told the Kylie she would no longer be welcomed in Margate.

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"You'll never ne allowed in this town," the women yelled over and over at Kylie Kelce.

"You have alcohol on your breath you're embarrassing yourself," Kelce fired back.

That generated a ton of social media reaction, and also some reaction from ESPN 's Pat McAfee on The Pat McAfee Show.

"This is the world now that Jason Kelce is in," McAfee explained. He has the biggest podcast on earth, his brother is dating the biggest star on earth.  He is part of Monday Night Countdown on Monday Night Football. Everyone is pumped to see him speak and see him, Kylie has become a superstar, she's got a lot of influences who want to be friends with her."

"This is the new world they are going to be living in."

The rest of the McAfee Show crew piled on as well.

"Anyone that knows that lady, she's just the biggest asshole in town. That's not breaking news for that lady's kids or husband for that matter," McAfee joked.

Now is a good time to go back and see Jason Kelce during his playing days with the Philadelphia Eagles.

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