PHILADELPHIA ( — Aging Eagles left tackle Jason Peters has seemingly had enough, tapping out of Saturday night's do-or-die game against Washington during the fourth quarter when it became clear that Philadelphia's fate was secured in what turned out to be a two-touchdown loss to the Redskins.

According to FOX29 and Eagles sideline reporter Howard Eskin, Peters told some on the sidelines that "I'm not going to get hurt for this."

On Sunday Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News confirmed Eskin’s reporting, claiming a source told him the 33-year-old Peters, who has suffered through a series of nagging injuries this season, didn’t want to risk further injury for a team that is done after next Sunday.

Peters' frustration is understandable and you can't help but believe this was a bit of a protest toward the way Chip Kelly runs things with the Eagles but it's also a bad look for a player that can now be painted as selfish and quitting on all of his teammates who were out there until the final whistle.

Kelly's history with players that fail to toe his line is well-chronicled and Peters is clearly a declining player who will be 34 by next season, realities that put his future in Philadelphia in question especially if Kelly is allowed to keep pulling the personnel strings after this season.

Although Peters just made his eighth Pro Bowl, most believe that was a nod toward his reputation and the Eagles, who have to rebuild their offensive line anyway, could save $6 million in salary-cap money by releasing him.

More so as evidenced by the Evan Mathis soap opera before this season, Kelly believes in the old NFL axiom that it's better to give up on a a player a year too soon than a year too late

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