Another player and the Eagles are having a bad break.

Just weeks after the LeSean McCoy and Chip Kelly racism controversy was brought back up, former Eagles CB Cary Williams thinks Chip Kelly gets out coached.

Appearing a 710 ESPN in Seattle, Williams did not shy away from criticizing his former head coach.

"When you're going up against teams that prepare well, practice well, coach well, it's difficult in games like that. I think towards the end of the year we were exhausted and we got out coached the majority of the games," Williams said.

Many believe that the reason why certain players are no longer here have a lot to do with their refusal to 'buy in' to the Chip Kelly sports science philosophy.

"We was talking about the fact that our conditioning and things like was going to kick in because we worked harder than everybody in the National Football League with the Chip Kelly thing, we got out there, we got our teeth kicked in," said Williams.

Phil SHeridan, NFL Nation reporter, joined The SPorts Bash with Mike Gill this week to discuss Williams comments.

Williams was known from his days when he won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens and has been in the league for sometime now.

"Cary Williams won a Super Bowl, he knows a bit about what he's talking about," Sheridan told Gill.

Williams, according to Eagles fans, is a bit of a cry baby and could be rubbing salt in any break-up wounds on his way out the door.

Still, this is now another former player that has gone kicking and screaming on his way out the door.

The Eagles continue OTA's next week.

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