The Philadelphia fan base generally gets a bad rap.

Many around the county have perceived the Philadelphia faithful has rude and obnoxious, but the truth is, there is a small group of fans in every fan base that acts in a way that isn't exactly flattering.

Sure Philadelphia fans are passionate, but I have been to games all over the county, and their are plenty of fans that are passionate in Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, San Francisco and other sports cities of the county.

Here is a good example of how passionate Phillies fans can be

Lets not generalize an entire fan base based on the actions of some bad apples who may have been over served, as the Philly Sports Guy shows in the video above, its all good passionate fun at Citizens Bank Park.

So, with that I came across a list of the MLB fan bases that spend the most money on alcohol at games and to many people's surprise, Phillies fans didn't do well.

In fact they came in dead last, averaging just 2.4 drinks per game for an average of just $24.  Meanwhile in the top spot on the list, the Chicago White Sox, their fans spend on average $46 on 4.2 drinks per game.

See Phillies fans are smart, they do their drinking in the parking lots and tailgates before the games, so they spend less on way over priced drinks inside the stadium.

So before you go and rip the Philadelphia fan base, maybe you should but your beer down and appreciate them more - it might save you some of your hard earned money.

Here is the full list of which MLB Fans Drink the Most at Games

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