We check in with this week's Phillies mailbag.  The rest of the World Series has been pushed back a day.  Here's what's on the mind of Phillies fans heading into game three.

Is Zack Wheeler's arm really a concern, or could it be his plant foot that got hit in his last start against the Padres?

Brandon, I'm personally concerned about Zack Wheeler.   Upon last night's rainout, the extra day seemed to really favor the Phillies; they could pitch Ranger Suárez in game three, Aaron Nola in game four, and then Wheeler game five all at home.  Sounds great, right?

Phillies manager Rob Thomson told MLB.com's Todd Zolecki:

“He's fine.  It's just, it's late in the season, velocity's dropped a little bit, he's fatigued. I just feel like he needs more time.”

Wheeler did not look the same in game two, with an extra day's rest.

On one hand, it's rather early to be saying this.  Would we know now if he is fatigued and would be by game five?

Maybe this is part of the strategy.   Had the Phillies waited to name Wheeler starter and then pivoted to Noah Syndergaard, that would lead to outcry.  By laying it out now, he could similarly surprise us by saying Wheeler is ready to go for game five.

A lot could depend on how both Suárez and Nola fare in these two games.   If Phillies are either facing elimination or facing a World Series win and Wheeler feels ready to go, I would not be surprised to see him.  But if he can't go - that's a serious worry.  But something is not right that the Phillies are not naming Wheeler the starter now.

Do you think Citizens Bank Park needs a roof?

The rain came down at a pretty good clip the other day.  But the Phillies and Astros were set to play in Minute Maid Park.  Thanks to the dome, game one went off without a hitch.  However, I want a dome in no way, shape or form.

I have been in some of the new domed stadiums.  Minute Maid Park, whatever they're calling Marlins Park now come to mind.  Plus some older ones such as Tropicana Field, the Skydome, and RFK.  When I am in those stadiums I feel like I am in an airplane hanger.

And let's face it: the rain added to the drama of this series.  And the 2009 World Series.  And the 2008 World Series.  And the 1993 World Series.

The Eagles Thursday were supposed to be on Fox locally...now what with World Series too?

My answer: Who cares?   This is an Amazon Prime game.  Put it on your phone.  Or tablet.  Or check scores occasionally.   The Eagles are 7-0 and facing the 1-5-1 Houston Texans.

The only fun thing that could happen that night is if Philadelphia beats Houston twice over.

I am not one to miss an Eagles game unless I absolutely have to.  But if the Eagles lose this one, you're probably going to wish you didn't watch.  And this is one of the few remaining World Series opportunities you'll have until who knows when.

So, enjoy the World Series.

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