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Here is today’s show: Friday May 4th, 2012.





2:00 hour

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck opened up the show discussing the Flyers OT loss at the hands of the Devils last night.  Mike is still blaming the play of Ilya Bryzgalov for most of the reason the Flyers are down in the series.  Although he is willing to blame the blown line chance of both Brayden Schenn and Erik Gustafsson.


Beastie Boys MCA dies

Co-founder of the Beastie Boys, MCA, passed away at the age of 47 years old today. It's the second time this week, someone in the entertainment industry passed away .  Now the studio and listeners became shocked when Todd announced that he wasn't a big Beastie Boys fan, rather he ran with R. Kelly and New Edition.


Bob Cooney calls in

Philadelphia 76ers, Bob Cooney, called the show at 3:05 and helped preview the Game 3 76ers vs. Bulls match up tonight.  Bob said he's still worried about the Bulls defensive scheme they bring even without Derrick Rose.  He likes the Sixers to keep the game close.  Bob Cooney covers the Sixers for the Philadelphia Daily News, follow him on Twitter: @BobCooney76.

Nick Friedell talks Bulls

Our good buddy Nick Friedell called in and gave us the Chicago Bulls perspective from tonight's game.  Friedell said the mood in Chicago is "miserable and the fans know that Derrick Rose isnt coming back."  Nick Friedell covers the Bulls for ESPN Chicago and ESPN 1000.  Follow him on Twitter: @ESPNChiBulls.

Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL the more devastating injury: Mariano Rivera Yankees or Terrell Suggs Ravens?

2. BUY OR SELL the Bryce Harper attitude?

3. BUY OR SELL a triple crown in MLB or horse racing happening soon?

Barry Melrose calls out Flyers

Barry Melrose called in at 4:05 and had some harsh criticism for the Flyers and their play the last two games.  He said "will always beats skill and right now thats why the Devils are beating the Flyers."  Barry Melrose is an NHL analyst for ESPN.

5:00 hour

5 p.m. hour opens with attempts of "Sloth" impressions from the movie "Goonies."  Todd finally gets it right after Mike plays the real "Hey, you guys!" line.  On the serious side of things, the guys start to talk about the Washington Nationals marketing ploy to shut out the Philadelphia Phillies fans starting this weekend.

Kyle Scott calls in from "Takeover"

Kyle Scott, crossingbroad.com, called in from Washington D.C. and talked about the trip he put together with Phillies fans "Occupying: DC."  He says we (phillies fans) are the 99%.  Kyle Scott is the Editor of Crossing Broad and Crossingbroad.com.  Follow him on Twitter: @crossingbroad.

5 Questions

1. What is your favorite Beastie Boys song?

2. Do you care about a 2013 NFL Mock Draft?

3. Is Floyd Mayweather worth $32M?

4. Who do you like in The Kentucky Derby this weekend?

5. It's Intergalactic Star Wars Day, who’s your favorite Star Wars character?


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