Two Rangers fans pummeled by an angry mob in front of a Philadelphia cheese-steak shop earlier this month are getting first-class treatment in February.

The men were invited to watch a Rangers game on February 12th in a luxury box shared by a Manasquan businessman and ex-Rangers players Nick Fotiu and Ron Greschner. Peter Grandich of Trinity Financial Sports and Entertainment Management says the video of the beating drove them to action.

“We were talking about the incident and we had already planned on being at the February 12th game when I just suggested, ‘wouldn’t it be great if we could invite these guys?’ and Nick and Ron urged that we do so and that’s what really started the ball rolling.”

Grandich says Neal Auricchio, a decorated ex-Marine and Woodbridge police officer and his friend Michael Janocko, will get to meet past and present Rangers players at the game. They were also invited by the Rangers themselves to a game at the end of February.

Police arrested the man who they say threw the first punch during the incident in front of Geno’s Steakhouse after the Winter Classic and quadrupled his bail. Officials say he could face up to 20 years if convicted because of his criminal history.

Grandich says he’s shocked but not surprised by the incident because he says Philadelphia sports fans have somewhat of a reputation. However, he’s not classifying the suspect arrested in the case as an ordininary fan who got overheated, Grandich calls him a thug who he hopes will get the full punishment that a thug deserves.”

According to published reports, 30-year-old Aurricchio still struggles with his vision and is facing surgery for a fractured bone in his face. He also recently became a father.