Two weeks ago during a Sal Pal Friday segment on The Sports Bash, veteran NFL reporter Sal Paolantonio from ESPN said he didn't think Eagles head coach Doug Pederson would survive a three-or-four win season.

"I don't think he survives a three-win season," said ESPN's Sal Paolantonio on The Sports Bash.  "I don't think he survives a four-win season based on what I'm hearing now."

Two losses later, and things aren't getting any better for the Eagles only Super Bowl winning coach in franchise history, according to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

As Rapoport reports with the Eagles sitting at 3-7-1 in the weakest division in football, Pederson's job is on the line.

"My understanding is that Doug Pederson, despite winning a Super Bowl three years ago, is in fact on the hot seat," Rapoport stated. "Several people that I have spoken to inside the building are fearful that he is coaching for his job."

The team has been a disaster on the offensive side of the ball, with Carson Wentz ranking near the bottom of every statistical category. There have been reports that Pederson has given up some of the play-calling duties, but it's not exactly clear how much and when he gave up those duties.

Either way as Rapoport notes, Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie is not happy and could be getting to the end of his roe with Pederson. The team has regressed each of the past three seasons since their Super Bowl win and now their franchise quarterback is doing the same.

Stay tuned this could be an interesting final month of the season for the Eagles.

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