If the Sixers really want to move on from Ben Simmons this offseason, it appears they will have plenty of suitors.

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, the team already has at least five known suitors for Simmons's services, including the Cavs, Pacers, T-Wolves, Kings and even the Raptors are said to have interest.

Just scan through the teams that have been linked to a Simmons trade already: Cleveland, Indiana, Minnesota and Sacramento are known suitors. Toronto is also said to have expressed interest. More will emerge.

The one question will be, what does that collection of teams really have to offer.  It has been reported already that the Sixers turned down an offer from Indiana including Malcolm Brogdon and a first-round pick for Simmons.

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It has been said that Minnesota wants Simmons badly, but will a deal centered around D'Angelo Russell really seal the deal? Cleveland has made it known that Collin Sexton is available and he would be an attractive piece, but would the Sixers value Simmons defensive skills over Sexton's offensive-minded game?

Maybe Sacramento would be willing to give up De'Aaron Fox and if Toronto is interested, would they be interested in moving Kyle Lowry in a sign-and-trade?

What do all of those teams have in common? They are all smaller market teams that have trouble attracting free agents to come play for them, so landing a player like Simmons is way to get a three-time All-Star player, first-team all NBA Defensive team, third team All-NBA player and the runner-up for the Defensive Player of the year.

So these teams are looking to add a player like Simmons more to help their business and box office than they are looking to add a player who they think is the last piece to their championship puzzle.

It seems there is plenty of interest and will be a plethora of offers for Simmons for Daryl Morey to ponder, but don't expect him to just give Simmons away for nothing.

If he can’t get a true headliner back for Simmons in connection with the draft, or when free agency hits in August, some rivals believe Morey is as willing as any executive in his position to let Simmons and Embiid start a fifth season together if necessary – even if that means some tension or awkwardness seeps into the locker room when training camp starts in late September.

The next two weeks could be very interesting as we see which other teams have interest in Simmons.

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