Whenever Phillies fans from South Jersey see Millville's Mike Trout,  it is easy to dream of the day when he could play for his hometown Phillies.  The Philadelphia Eagles season ticket holder is currently signed to two more years with the Los Angeles Angels, who drafted Trout in 2009.  With free agency perhaps in sight, it's easy for fans to dream.

Jon Heyman of Fancred Sports reports that fans are not the only ones dreaming:

Earlier this offseason, Jayson Stark of the Athletic wrote that it's "not crazy" to think that the Phillies could end up with Harper and Trout in the same outfield someday.

But perhaps the most revealing part of this report is Heyman's note that a contract extension is "not likely" for Trout.   With just two years of control left, the Angels have been saddled with bad contracts the likes of Albert Pujols, C.J. Wilson and Josh Hamilton.   This offseason's signings have been underwhelming to this point.

The Angels have not been able to win with Trout, often hailed to be the best player in the game.  In Trout's entire Angels tenure, the Angels have not won a single playoff game.  They made one playoff appearance in all and were promptly swept in the ALDS.

A wise baseball move for the Angels would be to either try hard to win now while they have Trout, or conversely trade Trout and other assets and try to rebuild.  But the Angels were not players on the likes of Manny Machado or Harper this offseason and have signed instead the likes of Matt Harvey, Trevor Cahill and Justin Bour.  Those types of moves may not exactly excite Trout and lead to an extension.

The Phillies can never state their interest in Trout publicly, because that would be considered tampering.  But let's face it: who would not be interested in baseball's best player.  The fact that Trout is from South Jersey and holds Eagles season tickets seem to suggest that Philadelphia would be a natural fit.

Two years is a long time, but for now, the Phillies and the fans can dream.

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