The Eagles have the No. 6 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

One area that has been discussed is the quarterback position.  After trading away Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts remains, and could be the teams starter.

According to ESPN veteran NFL reporter Chris Mortensen, that's exactly what team owner Jeffery Lurie would like to see. Per Mortensen, Lurie "has instructed his group to prioritize making Hurts successful in 2021 as opposed to creating a true competition."

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"Jalen Hurts is the guy," Mortensen said on the Sportscenter NFL Mock Draft special over the weekend. "What the owner wants, the owner gets, Jalen Hurts is the quarterback this year, they don't want to bring competition in for him."

This report would indicate a bit of a change of course for the team. Mortensen and Adam Schefter reported back in February, once the team moved Carson Wentz, that they were "likely to turn to Jalen Hurts, though they also intend to bring in competition for him."

The thinking from me here is, give Hurts a chance. the team needs to focus on drafting a player that can help the team elsewhere. This team has a ton of holes on the defensive side of the ball and could add another weapon for Hurts on the offensive-side of the ball.

If the Eagles offensive line can remain healthy, Hurts would be given a good opportunity to show what he can do. He does have some young talent at the skill players like Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert and last year's first-round pick, Jalen Regor.

The No. 6 pick gives the team a good chance to add to that young core with guys like Kyle Pitts, Ja.Mar Chase, DeVonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle.

The team took Hurts in the second-round, with Wentz out, its time to find out if that pick was warranted.

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