The Manny Machado sweepstakes seems to be heating up.  With the Orioles possibly considering a rebuild, teams are gathering to try to put forth their best offers for Machado.  As many as five teams have put forth offers, according to a report.

Veteran Baltimore reporter Dan Clark of TBL Daily reports the Phillies are among the teams who have made an offer for Machado:

Multiple reports seem to think the White Sox are in so that they may flip Machado to the New York Yankees.  That simply will not work for owner Peter Angelos if he catches wind of that.  So, who might be in the lead?

Before we get too excited, this is simply Clark's opinion at this time.

The Phillies have the prospects it would take to acquire Machado, but the question would be whether or not they would be willing to take the risk that Machado leaves as a free agent as a year.  However, letting Machado be traded elsewhere is also risky, as Machado could sign an extension with the new team if he likes it.

Stay tuned.

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