News has come out on the NBA’s travel plans and when teams will be arriving in Orlando. Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that teams will be making the trip in groups from July 7th to July 9th. 

The Sixers will be in the last group of teams to make the trip and will be arriving at Disney World on July 9th. Some of the teams that they will be arriving with include the Bucks, Lakers, Raptors, and Rockets. 

One positive for the Sixers is that their two biggest opponents will be in the same travel group as them. Although the travel days are only days apart, now the Raptors and Pacers will not have any extra time to settle in then the Sixers. The same could also be said for the Bucks, who right now is the Sixers’ biggest threat in the Eastern Conference.

This could be looked at as a double-edged sword for the Sixers. Although they will be one of the final teams arriving in Orlando, this means they have a couple of extra days in their home facility before they have to make the trip. On the same note, the Sixers are also going to have less time to get situated in the new environment before play resumes.

Things are starting to get real for the NBA. Two weeks from today the Sixers will pack up and head to Disney World, and we are a little over a month away from games resuming. We have reached the light at the end of the tunnel, soon the sprint to the NBA championship will begin.

Kevin McCormick is the 76ers insider for 97.3 ESPN and 76ers editor for Follow him on Twitter @KevinMcC973.

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