With Alex Smith out for the season, a lot of talk this week has centered around how the Philadelphia Eagles will fare against Washington Redskins backup quarterback Colt McCoy.

On Friday's edition of 'Sal Pal Friday' with ESPN National corespondent Sal Paolantonio, he said the bottom line is pretty simple, "you've got to play for your season and you've got to be able to beat Colt McCoy at home on Monday Night Football, you just do."

“This game to me is about Jim Schwartz and that defense," Paolantonio explained.

"This game is on Schwartz and the defense.”

“McCoy was a lot different after the Cowboys started hitting him on Thanksgiving, there's no question about that."

Through 11 games, Philadelphia’s defense has given up 4,181 yards, 23rd worst in the NFL, their 23 points per game is good for 15th best in the league.

So the Eagles defense has been good at times, not great. Other times it has been downright bad.

Paolantonio gave credit to Malcolm Jenkins for approaching Jim Schwartz, but also said at this stage of the season the coaching staff might be ready and willing to do anything to save the season.

"I think the Eagles coaching staff right now is willing to try anything."

The Eagles had a big team meeting Saturday night before the Giants game in the team hotel, talking about how important the game was last week.  Yet, the team still came out flat.  It wasn't until the second half of the game when things started to click, and that came from coaches listening to players.

If the coaches and players can come together this week, maybe they can play a full four quarters and get a win at home on Monday night.

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