The news that many fans have been waiting for is getting closer to happening.  Appearing on ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown, Adam Schefter reports Carson Wentz is on track to return for Week 3 against the Colts.

While he still needs final medical clearance to return and play, Schefter notes that Wentz is on track to return for the game next week.

"Philadelphia has been cautious, despite how strong he has looked in practice," Schefter stated.

Schefter noted that many inside the Eagles organization felt that Wentz was ready, from a football stand-point to play in the other, but the team "held off and stuck to a plan, it had laid out for Wentz, taking a long-range view".

In practice this week, Wednesday was the nine month anniversary of Wentz's knee injury, Schefter noted that Wentz "tore it up" at practice, "looking sharp and ready for action."

"All that now remains is being medically cleared," Schefter said.  "Without anyone stepping in the way, which is likely to happen as early as this week."

So it looks like Carson is on track, the Eagles are following their plan and the Eagles just might get their quarterback, back next week vs. the Colts.


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