While many people associate Surveillance Cameras with TV Shows like "Person Of Interest" or Home Security Companies like ADT, the truth is that these are great tools for Police Departments.

Surveillance Cameras are an asset for Police Officers to monitor busy areas, and if there is a need to gather information on an incident, having Cameras in Public Areas can accelerate an investigation. In Sea Isle City, they will be adding cameras to some of the busiest areas of town ahead of the 2024 Summer Season.

Last year, the Cape May County Shore Town added Surveillance Cameras to the Promenade as part of the Police Department's efforts to deter disruptive activities by groups of teenagers during the summer months. The combination of the 10 pm curfew for minors along with the cameras helped Sea Isle City Police stop and prevent unlawful activities by Youth around the island community.

Sea Isle City Police Department and City Hall on JFK Boulevard near downtown
Photo from Google Maps

With the success of the Surveillance Cameras on the Boardwalk installed between 44th Street and 36th Street, the next step is to finish the setup and installation of cameras in the busy down section of the Coastal Community. Sea Isle City Police Chief Anthony Garreffi Jr. gave the following statement to Townsquare Media:

"We have four new cameras going up on Landis Avenue at 38th, 39th, and 40th Streets, along with JFK Boulevard. We hope to have them operational within the next few weeks. For most (people), cameras in public places should be a comfort, and they will serve as a deterrent for others. Cameras can help keep residents, visitors, and properties safer (along with providing) video evidence when required."

38th street and Landis ave in Sea Isle City, NJ
Photo from Google Maps

The new cameras will give the Police Department a "Bird's Eye View" of the foot and vehicle traffic around the 12-plus businesses in the busy Downtown section of Sea Isle City.  According to online news reports, the plan is to add more Surveillance Cameras to the area south of JFK Boulevard along with more on the Promenade ahead of the Summer 2025.

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Gallery Credit: Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

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