Since most of South Jersey is a Seasonal Economy, the winter and spring months are the time of year we see plenty of road work getting done in Atlantic and Cape May Counties. One Jersey Shore town is going all-in with their infrastructure improvements during the next few months in order to be ready for the 2024 Summer Season.

Sea Isle City Mayor Leonard Desiderio released a statement in which he detailed multiple projects that are planned for the upcoming months in town. Construction crews have been working on the replacement of sanitary sewer lines on 40th Street that have deteriorated and when that project is done they will repave that street as well.

Sea Isle City Water Tower on Central Avenue
Photo from Google Maps

The Cape May County Coastal Community will be performing road work that impacts travel on over 26 different streets and Avenues to have the popular Vacation Destination ready for the upcoming Summer Season.

For context, Sea Isle City has a total of Six Avenues, 94 Streets, and Three other "Roads" (Park Road, Venicean Road, and Bayview Drive) within the Municipality, so there will be road work happening on over 25 percent of the Shore Town's roads on the island.

Welcome to Sea Isle City Sign on JFK Boulevard
photo from Google Maps

These are the roadways that will repaved over the next couple months in Sea Isle City:

*38th Street from Landis Avenue to Central Avenue
*Central Avenue from JFK Boulevard to 36th Street
*Central Avenue from 56th to 69th Street
*46th Place
*58th Street from Landis Avenue to Central Avenue
*59th Street from Sounds Avenue to Central Avenue

In the past, Sea Isle City has staggered roadwork projects so I do not anticipate all of these streets being unavailable for travel simultaneously and the work will be staggered around the island.  Also, it is safe to assume that a good amount of these repaving projects will be done after Presidents' Day Weekend (February 16th to 18th) with the popular Mike's Seafood Polar Bear Run/Walk For Autism Event.  Many seasonal businesses in Sea Isle City will be open that weekend and City Officials know that this is an important economic weekend so they will avoid any disruptions for those days in February.

Sea Isle City Welcome Center on JFK Boulevard in South Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

Other projects that Mayor Desiderio announced will be happening in Sea Isle City over the next few months are Construction of new Handicap Ramps and Beach Replenishment. The addition of Handicap Accessible Ramps onto the Promenade/Boardwalk at 51st and 53rd Streets is a long time coming explained the Sea Isle City Mayor:

"This project has been planned for some time, and we recently received the necessary permits from the Department of Environmental Protection in order to allow construction to proceed. This project is expected to be completed before the summer season and is one of several that are ongoing and imminent throughout the city."

51st Street and Boardwalk in Sea Isle City, New Jersey
Photo from Google Maps

The Beach replenishment project will begin in late March or early April and the project will be completed before the start of Memorial Day Weekend. The two sections of Sea Isle City beaches that will be replenished are from 74th Street to 94th Street and 29th Street to 52nd Street.

So be ready for the refreshed look of Sea Isle City when you visit later this year.  These improvements happening for the town's infrastructure will be ready for visitors to appreciate during the Summer of 2024.

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