After years of discussion, Sea Isle City will finally be getting a Dog Park as part of a new project that will begin construction this fall with the goal of being open to the public before Summer of 2024.

The plans for the new Dog Park in Sea Isle City will located at the open lot on Seventh Street and near the parking lots that were finished in 2019.  The plans for Dog Park includes dog-friendly obstacles, two pavilions to provide shade in the park, water fountains, and double-gated entries to ensure a fenced-in area for all dogs to have fun and be safe.

Sea Isle City Mayor Lenny Desiderio released the following state after City Council awarded the construction project:

"The construction of a dog park has been an item repeatedly requested over the years in Sea Isle.  During the city’s last master plan re-examination process, we conducted an extensive community-wide survey, and there was an overwhelming response from community members asking that we get this done.  The city has done the necessary planning for this project, and we’ve taken it through the county open space process in order to get our application approved for eligibility to receive reimbursement of 75% of the costs of the project."

The project will also construct a 24-foot-by-30-foot shaded pavilion outside the Dog Park for people to enjoy as the north end of Sea Isle City is also a popular beach destination since it is away from the downtown area.  The plan is for the project to begin construction during the fall and have the Dog Park grand opening before the 2024 Summer Season.  The timing is significant because Sea Isle City residents are allowed to bring their dogs on the beaches during the offseason months but no pets allowed on the beaches during the busy summer months.

I remember when I lived on 42nd street in Sea Isle City for almost two decades that we use to ride our bikes to the north end beaches to enjoy some time away from the downtown.  For years, those empty lots around 7th and 6th streets was always up for debate about what we would build there.  I'm excited to see the town build a project that not just benefits the community but also makes a lot of common sense.  Also good to see the town get reimbursed for a project that will result in many people using the Dog Park who are not year-round Sea Ilse City residents.

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