The Sea Isle City Wiifle Classic is back this weekend, a fun event featuring Wiffleball teams competing in a tournament that raises money for Autism Speaks each year.

On Saturday, August 12th is this year's Wiffleball Tournament hosted at Dealy Field, located on Central Avenue spanning 59th to 60th Street. Each year there are hundreds of people attend to watch teams play simultaneous games on each of the fields starting at 10 am. Each team that participates is guaranteed at least four games of four innings each and then the top two teams advance to a single elimination tournament. There are large trophies for the winners and best performers in the Wiffleball Tournament along with awards handed out for the team that had the most fun, the Best Team Name gets an award, plus the team with the best uniform is awarded as well.

The Sea Isle City Wiffle Classic raises money each year for Autism Speaks, an organization that serves as Advocates for people on the Autism Spectrum along with offering services and support for families, plus contributes to research and advances in care for people on the Autism Spectrum. Since 2005, Autism Speaks has been one of the most influential organizations helping people on the Autism Spectrum are ensured that insurance companies cover treatments that are needed and help people with Autism live better lives.

I spoke with Brian Aylmer who started this fundraising tournament almost 15 years ago and told me about how supporting Autism Speaks is very important for his family:

"We started the (Sea Isle City) Wiffle Classic in 2009 to honor our three daughters who are all non-verbal and on the autism spectrum. We wanted to find a way to give back and support the autism community, and we love wiffle ball! We wanted to organize a fun activity that would allow us to fundraise, spread awareness and have a great time playing wiffle ball in a beautiful and supportive place like Sea Isle City. 100 percent of the money raised goes to Autism Speaks which is a large advocate for people on the Autism Spectrum....Since our three daughters are on the spectrum and have substantial needs, this was really important to us (and Autism Speaks) continues to be a great advocate for awareness."

For more information about the Sea Isle City Wiffle Classic and to learn more about supporting Autism Speaks, you can visit their website here.

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