On Tuesday Afternoon news came out about Eagles Offensive Lineman Lane Johnson could be facing a 10-Game Suspension for violating the NFL's Performance Enhancing Drug Policy.  But since the flurry of conflicting reports came out, on Wednesday no official announcement was made by the Eagles, the NFL or Lane Johnson's representation.

ESPN NFL Nation Eagles Reporter Phil Sheridan joined The Sports Bash on Wednesday and explained why this news should have never become public:

"The idea that the (NFL) is going to test the players and the ability to suspend them and all that, this is all collectively bargained between the (Player's) Union and the league.  And a big part of that Collective Bargaining process that the Union insists on is that there's real confidentiality and a real sense of trust, you can't report stuff or announce stuff or talk about stuff like this until there's an actual suspension and player's going to miss games on the field....Whoever leaked that is doing a pretty grave disservice to Lane Johnson, to the Eagles, to the league, to the Player's Association, I mean this is not stuff that should be lightly throw out there in the public until it's official and all the appeals and all that have been exhausted."

Checkout what Sheridan had to say about if the Eagles knew about potential Johnson suspension ahead of time along with Phil's analysis of what to watch for from the first preseason game from Quarterbacks and Cornerback competition.