According to the Brewers Association, over 385 Craft Breweries closed in the United States in 2023, but one South Jersey Small Business is celebrating its eight-year anniversary this weekend by also supporting the people of their community.

In New Jersey, we have seen multiple Craft Breweries close this past year while others file for bankruptcy, but in Cape May County Slack Tide Brewing Company is still going strong.  As part of their eight-year anniversary celebration with festivities that includes a new beer release, and Slack Tide is having a Canned Food Drive.

Photo by Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media
Photo by Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

On Saturday, January 13th, Slack Tide Brewing is having their 8-year anniversary party starting at 12 pm, and any customer who brings a can of non-perishable food will receive a ticket for entry into the Ultimate Slacker Basket Drawing.  All cans collected on Saturday will be distributed to Cape May County Food Banks and the winner of the big prize will be announced on January 14th.

Inside the Tasting Room on Route 9 South in Dennis Township, New Jersey
Photo by Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

Supporting the local community and having charity drives is nothing new for Slack Tide Brewing Company located on Route 9 South in Dennis Township.  Last Saturday, they hosted a fundraiser to support the Maguire Family who lost their home due to a fire a couple of weeks ago.

When I spoke with Slack Tide Brewing Co-Owner Jason Campbell this week, he again emphasized to me how important it is to support the local community who have also been so important to the small business success they are today:

"(We are proud of) the camaraderie and support of our customers and our team. We truly are a community gathering place. Giving back to the community has always been something we regard as a core value. We are most proud of the impact we have on the local community and the economy. Our team embraces that same mindset and we could not do it without them."

Sunset at Slack Tide Brewing in Cape May County
Photo by Josh Hennig/Townsquare Media

Slack Tide Brewing Company has been at their new location for only several months but it is a true reflection of what Jason refers to as "a community gathering place". After years at their old location on Route 83, it was obvious they had outgrown that smaller space.  So for Jason Campbell, his brother Tadhg, and their team at Slack Tide Brewing, this eight-year anniversary celebration is a big deal for them:

"This is a big anniversary for us for sure. Building and moving to the new facility was a tremendous challenge and we are excited to be in the new space. The new space provides us with so many more opportunities than we had had in the old spot. We are looking forward to starting our first full year in the new location. It's the beginning of an exciting new chapter for us."

Reef 11 Rye IPA from Slack Tide Brewing in South Jersey
Photo courtesy of Slack Tide Brewing Company

The special new-release beer for this Saturday's event will be the award-winning Reef 11. This Rye IPA features layers of citrus and hops along with that unique bite of rye that makes for a fun craft beer to drink. Reef 11 is named after the famous finishing spot off the coast of Cape May and won the Bronze Medal at the 2020 Best of Craft Beer Awards.

"The last 8 years have been a wild ride it has exceeded our expectations, and we are so thankful and humbled by where this journey has taken us" says Slack Tide Brewing Co-Owner Jason Campbell. "We look forward to continuing the growth of our brand and our business and continuing the journey."

For more information about Slack Tide Brewing Company along with their Canned Food Drive at the 8-year anniversary celebration, you can visit their website here.

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